Fingerprinting – Illinois Nursing License

Secureone Livescan provides fingerprinting options for both in state and out of state applicants for their Illinois Nursing License – NCLEX Illinois Fingerprinting.  We are a IDFPR licensed fingerprint vendor authorized to transmit for almost any requirement.  If you are in state – stop by and we can process your fingerprints and transmit the same day.  Add the TCN number to your application and you are all set for the fingerprinting requirements of the license process.

Nursing Classes – Secureone can come to your class and process students for their fingerprinting requirements.  The school can set up an account to pay directly or students can pay individually at time of fingerprinting by cash or charge card.  We’ve processed classes of more than 120 students at a time.  Advantages of using Secureone for your fingerprinting needs:

  • We come to you mobile and process on site.
  • We can process 25-30 individuals per hour with a single machine – Multiple machines available
  • Discounted rates and no travel fee for services of more than 10 individuals.
  • We transmit within 24 hours of processing fingerprints
  • Fast, Friendly, Professional services that can come to you

Out of State – Secureone processes hundreds of out of state applicants monthly and have quickly become the go to company for fingerprinting for several major insurance companies nationwide.  We process the fingerprint cards the same day we receive them and email you the paperwork you need for license.  We offer a couple options if you needed fingerprint cards or if you are all set to send them to us – see below.

  1. Need Fingerprint Cards – We offer a complete out of state packet.  We will send you all the forms, 3 fingerprint cards and return priority postage paid envelope.  All the instructions are spelled out and fairly simple to understand.  Cost is $80 and can be purchased here – PREPAID PACKET – we ship within 24 hours of order.
  2. Have Fingerprint Cards – If you have cards, please see instructions and COMPLETE THE FORMS – send us your prints, it’s that simple.  Cost is $60

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out – that is why we are here.


Illinois Towing Company Fingerprinting – Tow Rotation List

It’s not as hard as some think it might be.  Illinois towing companies wanting to be added to local or state tow rotation lists may be required to be fingerprinted if the entity requires it.  Besides being licensed to operate a towing service, if the towing service wanted to be placed on the Tow Rotation list AND the entity requires fingerprinting – the owner and all drivers must be fingerprinted for that entity.  If required – you would need to be fingerprinted for each tow rotation list you are listed on.

Secureone Livescan is a State of Illinois licensed livescan vendor authorized to fingerprint for almost any tow rotation list.  Special corporate pricing available.

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