Arizona Liquor License

Are you required to obtain an Arizona Liquor License? Does your establishment serve alcoholic beverages? Anyone that is required to obtain a AZ Liquor License must have their fingerprints taken in order to submit them along with their application. Secureone can assist you with the fingerprinting process. We use the best state of the art equipment for capturing digital fingerprints without messy ink.


If you want your prints done right the first time, don’t go to a place that still uses the old fashion wet ink rolled technique, as they are not of the best quality. Avoid wasting time at places that specialize in shipping packages and only do fingerprinting on the side. Come to the experts and have them done right. At Secureone Livescan, all we do is fingerprint and we take pride in the quality of our work.

For more information on the requirements and fees, please follow the link below.