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Court Requested Fingerprints

Have you been arrested and the court is requesting a copy of your fingerprints for the hearing? Are you attempting to expunge something from your criminal record and need to submit fingerprints as part of the process? Secureone Livescan can assist you with either process. Make sure you read all of your instructions carefully on […]

Arizona Liquor License

Are you required to obtain an Arizona Liquor License? Does your establishment serve alcoholic beverages? Anyone that is required to obtain a AZ Liquor License must have their fingerprints taken in order to submit them along with their application. Secureone can assist you with the fingerprinting process. We use the best state of the art […]

Medical Marijuana Licensing Process

What is required in order to become a licensed medical marijuana dispensary agent or caregiver? The Arizona Department of Health Services requires fingerprinting for both medical marijuana caregivers and dispensary agents. If you are considering submitting an application for either of these two, you must first get 2 copies of your fingerprints taken on a […]

Mandatory Fingerprinting for Alarm Agents In Arizona

The State of Arizona requires all Alarm Agents to be fingerprinted in order to perform their duties as an alarm agent. The State of Arizona Board of Technical Registration (BTR) and Department of Public Services (DPS) have just revised the process in order to expedite the process. Agents need to complete the application for the […]

Secureone LiveScan Fingerprinting Launches New, Fully Integrated Website

PHOENIX, AZ., January 31, 2017 – Secureone LiveScan Fingerprinting has launched a new website that offers comprehensive information on their advanced fingerprinting technology, along with details about the nationally acclaimed company. The site can be viewed at http://livescanprinting.com/. Headquartered in Chicago,IL., Secureone LiveScan Fingerprinting has recently opened a second location in Mesa, AZ., where they […]