Armed & Unarmed Security

• Gated Communities Security
• Industrial Security
• Construction Security
• Commercial Office Security

Our Patrol Services can include:

• Scheduled or random onsite patrols with interior and exterior inspections
• Random patrol patterns
• Lock-up services
• Community inspections submitted with pictures, data, time and Geo stamping
• Reporting of security and safety issues
• GPS tracked vehicles
• All security, maintenance and parking issues reported in real-time
• Alarm and incident response
• Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
• Officers equipped with our GPS powered Patroltrac technology


Like many of the largest global security providers, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the latest computer technology to manage our security programs and our business. Unfortunately, many of our similarly sized competitors either haven’t had the capital or haven’t appreciated the importance of advanced technology in providing exceptional customer service. As a result, they continue to use spreadsheets and manual processes that invariably become burdensome and unmanageable in time.

Setting the Standard with Superior Training
and Cutting Edge Technology