Florida Services

FDLE Approved Live Scan Vendor

We provide live scanning fingerprinting and background checks as part of our service to employers, licensees, permit holders, registration holders and others. It’s easy, quick, and secure. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment. All of our services are guaranteed. For fingerprinting, Livescan is the only choice.

  • Real Estate License
  • FBI Personal Background Check
  • Nursing Professional License | DOH
  • AHCA
  • AHCA Medicaid
  • Adoption Agency Employees & Volunteers
  • Agency for Persons with Disabilities | APD / APD CDC PLUS
  • Department of Children & Families | DCF
  • Clerk of the Court Name Change / Guardianship
  • Contact / Account Set-Up
  • Department of Business & Professional Regulation | DBPR
  • Department of Elder Affairs | DOEA
  • Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • FBI Channeling
  • Department of Education Teaching Certification | DOE
  • Health Care Professional License | DOH
  • Hillsborough County Child Care License | HCCCL
  • Medical Professionals & Doctors License | DOH
  • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System | NMLS
  • ORI Numbers
  • Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Processing
  • Private School Employees & Volunteers
  • Vocational Rehab
  • Federal Fingerprinting

Questions about our services? Give us a call.

  • (800) 807-5750

If you are in Illinois we can fingerprint you for Florida licensure and submit directly to the state

Appointments are not necessary, but you can reserve a time slot here

LiveScan Fingerprinting is an inkless technology that digitally captures fingerprints and electronically submits to the State Police and /or FBI.

This process allows background checks for licensing, permits or investigations. We transmit them the same day we fingerprint.