Out of State Livescan for Illinois – Mailed Packet

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Applicants from outside Illinois applying for license within the State of Illinois.


This product is for out of state (IL) applicants who are applying for license with the State of Illinois. This packet includes everything you need to fulfill your Illinois livescan fingerprint requirements. Only additional item you will need is to get fingerprinted local to you and return the packet to us for processing postage paid. We process your fingerprints the same day we receive them and email you your receipt to include in your license packet.

This product includes:
– Priority Mail to you and prepaid return postage back to us
– Instruction packet and forms
– Three FD258 Fingerprint cards
– Livescan submission to the State of Illinois

NOTE – This product is only for applicants to the State of Illinois, we cannot scan fingerprints for any other state.

Nursing, Physician, Chiropractor, Appraisers, Car Dealer, Security Guard, Private Investigator and most State of Illinois Requirements